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About Capsol

40 years of passion

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Everyone's got a job to do. Distributing architectural hardware products is ours.

Everyone’s got a job to do. Distributing architectural hardware products is ours.


At Capsol, we pride ourselves not only on the exceptional quality of the products we distribute, but also on the unparalleled approach and expertise we offer our customers.

From our founding by three visionaries, through decades of learning, knowledge acquisition, and well-met challenges, to the success we enjoy today, our core essence remains rooted in family.

Having recently celebrated 40 years in business, we still hold fast to our values, knowledge, and passion for what we do. Every step of our journey is shaped by the dedication of our experts, who are deeply committed to delivering an unmatched experience.

Our history reflects a perfect blend of passion, innovation, and determination.

To benefit from 4 decades of knowledge and evolution is no small feat! Capsol's journey began with a simple vision. But what brought it to life was the sheer drive of the company's founders, together with the creation of a highly talented and dedicated team. This passion and dedication have allowed Capsol to flourish as it continues to evolve.

1980 Founded in 1980, Capsol is a family-run business that has established itself as a leader in the architectural hardware industry. Founded by Michel Dubois and Georges Boisjoli, the company's shareholder base shifted in 2008 with the arrival of long-time collaborators Tony Valentino and André Boisjoli.
2010 Stéphane Lelièvre joined the team in 2010, marking a key step in our development.
2018 Capsol distinguishes itself by its ability to innovate, notably with the deployment of a cutting-edge IT system. This industry-unique system optimizes all processes, from submission to delivery, thanks to advanced features such as triple scanning and delivery geolocation.
2019 2019 marks the launch of our installation division, renowned for its technical expertise. Meanwhile, Capsol has contributed to the success of numerous contractors through its hardware consulting services and in-house locksmith, offering unrivaled flexibility.
2020 The year 2020 is sadly marked by the pandemic and the tragic loss of Mr. Valentino. Despite this difficult period, we have strengthened our team, turning challenges into opportunities and reinforcing our position as an industry benchmark.
2022 In September 2022, our expansion leads us to invest in new premises to optimize our efficiency. Our modern workshop offers a larger inventory of steel, wood, and hardware parts. Our rigorous quality control processes enable us to improve product quality, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Management team

A history of passion and family values. Meet the members of our management team.

Stéphane Lelièvre President
Raymond Bérubé Vice-President
Christian Achard Controller
Jeffery Linhares Installation Foreman
Nathalie Saumur Chief Estimator
Maxime Dubois Warehouse Supervisor

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